Tile grout has a good decorative effect, and at the same time has good strength. Nowadays, there are more and more relevant products on the market, and there are many inferior grout products. Therefore, dealers must pay attention when purchasing.


  1. See if the tile grout will shrink significantly

The high-quality tile grout will not shrink significantly after air-drying; while the poor-quality tile grout, due to its insufficient viscosity, may lose powder soon after.

Therefore, when we check the quality of the tile grout, we can squeeze out a little tile grout and wait for it to dry to see if it will shrink. If so, then the product quality is not good, everyone tries not to purchase it. This kind of tile grout will have collapse and unevenness, which will greatly affect the use and appearance.

Kastar grout

  1. Look at the hardness of the tile grout

High-quality tile grout has high hardness, so we can check its’ quality by testing the hardness.

The hardness of the tile grout is not as high as that of ceramic tiles, but it also has a certain degree of wear resistance after drying. We squeeze out a section of the tile grout and wait for it to test some hardness after drying to see whether it is good or bad.

  1. Look at the luster of the tile grout

High-quality tile grout has good gloss and looks shiny, while inferior tile grout looks dull and dull, even if they are used for construction, they may not look good.

  1. Look at the viscosity of the tile grout

The high viscosity of the tile grout is better in quality. Therefore, the high-quality tile grout is not easy to be scrubbed off after construction. If it is wiped off easily, the quality is worrying.

  1. The smell of the tile grout

With the use of tile grout, some people also worry about whether it is environmental protection. We should choose the tile grout without a heavy smell because such tile grout is of high quality.

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