gift form kastar
Accompany is the longest confessions of love.

If I love you
I will personally make a cake for you to fill your heart with sweetness
I will personally grout a beautiful gap for you do not let the ceramic tile gap turning black to harm your health
I want you to understand
My love for you will fill every gap between tiles and your heart

You are a careless person, always forgot there are many problems have not solved yet.
You didn’t notice that the ceramic tile’ gap had already been dark and moldy.
In silent midnight, they are whispering, troubling of black and darkness.
Originally beauty and white tile gaps have been full of dirt and mold.

When you are old, who will really love the tile gap dirty old appearance? who can really care about your health?
In modern society, which tile grout will honestly announce it can keep new for 30 years?
I am Kastar Tile Grout, I can say that,
I will accompany you to old age
I will stay away from darkness and moldy.
I am 30 years anti-mildew guarantee.

I want to say to tile:
Epoxy resin, pigments, and hardener are my raw material, I have 26 colors to fit for your different “makeup”
Because I want to stay by your side for a long time to make the most affectionate confession.
This “companion” can withstand  CE, the EU environmental protection standards,
There is still no fear of the ROHS test, it makes me more environmentally friendly and more reliable!
If I love this tile, I want to accompany her every day and night, and I want to make a promise to her — a beautiful gap, which includes concentration and persistence —- with my presence, it will make you beautiful whole life