The bathroom is a very important part of the home decoration. Then is it necessary for the bathroom to do quality grout? The bathroom has accumulated water all year-round, and the gap between the tiles is easy to get black and mold, which breeds bacteria and endangers human health. Therefore, the joint filing of the bathroom tiles not only needs to be matched with the tiles to improve the bathroom style but also has superior waterproof and mildewproof effects.

Kastar tile grout、Awl for cleaning the gap、Double tube caulking gun、pressing tools、Scraper。

kastar selant tools

Kastar tile grout tools

Operation process

  • Installation
    Open the cover of Kastar tile grout;
    Put the nozzle to Kastar tile grout, load it into the caulking gun
  • Clean the tile wall gaps
    Use awl for cleaning the gap, remove the dirt and old tile grout from the wall gaps and leave a certain space for Kastar tile grout. This step can be repeated multiple times until the dirt of the gap is removed.
  • Start grouting
    Cut the nozzle at a 45-degree angle, squeeze the Kastar tile grout out. Squeeze the Kastar tile grout into the tile joints, pay attention to the power when squeezing, don’t waste too much Kastar tile grout, don’t be too little also, or you won’t get the full filling effect. Squeeze a straight line out of the gap, remember to be stable, evenly dosed.
  • Pressing the grout
    Use a steel ball or scraper to press the Kastar tile grout from front to back along the brick joint
  • Remove the excess grout
    When the Kastar tile grout is completely dry, use a scraper to remove the excess Kastar tile grout.

Operation process

Keep the tile gap clean. Before filling the joint, clean the dirt in the gap of the tile and keep it dry. If the dirt in the gap is filled without treatment, it will affect the service life and effect of the Kastar tile grout.
Keep the construction environment dry. After the tile is laid, it takes a while to evaporate and dry the water in the gap. If the construction environment is too humid, the evaporation of water will penetrate into the un-cured Kastar tile grout, which will affect the grout effect.
Grout before the ceiling. The bathroom will generally be suspended for better use. Since some of the wall tiles will be pressed when the ceiling is suspended, if the grout is first suspended, there will be a situation where the junction leaks the Kastar tile grout. Therefore, it is recommended to grout before the ceiling, so that the wall and ceiling junction will not affect the grout effect.
Don’t step on the grout before it totally cured。When the Kastar tile grout material is not dry, do not step on it to prevent it from getting on your feet and affect the grout effect.