How to make the dirty tiles bright and clean? Here are some tips for you!



Whether it is a kitchen and bathroom, floor and wall, tiles would be usually used. However, there’ll seem stubborn stains on the tiles once many years. It ought to be brushed with water for a half day whenever to scrub them. currently, here are some tips for you to create a DIY ceramic tile cleaner today.

Solely seven steps simple operation!

1, Add half a bottle of water to a plastic bottle,

2, Add half a bottle cap of built-soap powder or detergent

3, Add a bottle cap of flour (which can be used to remove oil).

4, Adding 2 cups of white vinegar for the robust improvement and de-odorized ability.

5, Add 3 cups of alcohol to the bottle (must be alcohol, not liquor),

6, Tighten the cap and shake the liquid equally,

7, Spray the cleanout fluid on the tiles.

Whether it’s the room or the lavatory tiles are often clean terribly well!


What must you do if you would like to scrub the cracks within the tile?

As ceramic tile gaps is a blind spot, the simplest manner is to use white vinegar and sodium hydrogen carbonate powder to scrub. initial of all, within the ceramic tile suture, spray on white vinegar, and so wipe on the food sodium hydrogen carbonate powder, after that, you’ll see sodium hydrogen carbonate began to bubble, till the froth disappears once a wipe with a rag, the dirt is right away disappeared.

As we have a tendency to all understand, the normal cement grout is difficult to scrub because it is get stale and blacken simply, currently here could be a substitute which may replace the normal grout, we have a tendency to named ceramic tile sealant. over twenty colours, waterproof, mildewproof, non-shrink, created by foreign eco-friendly raw materials, sleek as ceramic ware.

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