There are only 5 months left in 2019, do you have any new plan?
Here we have a hot selling product in China, which brought a revolution on tile gap grouting.

Then what is this worth investing project?
Absolutely it is Kastar ceramic tile sealant!!!Free samples - kastar

Kastar ceramic tile sealant was widely welcomed when we launched it in China. Although it has brought a certain impact on the traditional grouting industry, it also helps many dealers who dared to try new products to double their profits.
With 3 years of research and 2 years of market testing, our new ceramic tile sealant now has steady quality and improving performance. When we started selling to global markets such as Singapore and India, we surprisingly discovered that the market demand in other countries is almost similar to China. Our ceramic tile sealant becomes more and more popular at amazing speed.

Mr. Mohammed from India knew us from the internet, later he visited our factory after testing our samples. Before his arrival in our factory, he did fully research on our product and their market.
In the end, he only ordered 50,000USD for first order, because he was not that sure about India market at the beginning.
But when Mr. Mohammed placed the order for the second time, he was very excited to tell us: Unbelievable! As you know we have our own factory for ceramic tiles, we sent with some Kastar ceramic tile sealant products and information to our distributors of ceramic tiles, also we did a simple speech to introduce Kastar new ceramic tile sealant to them. I don’t know that this product will be so popular with hotels and high-end groups. Soon, my products were sold out, and some dealers even asked me to book 50 boxes in advance. Your product is really great! !

The Asia Pacific is just some of the small attempts we have made. Our ambition is to distribute our products globally. Do you want to be our distributor or agent?
Our factory will prepare 50 boxes of products for free as a sample for product testing or market research. On a first-come-first-served basis, after the qty used out, our samples will be charged.

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We sincerely hope that you will cooperate with us, not your competitors.