I have lived in the house for several years. At first glance, the cracks in the tiles on the ground are dark and dirty, and it is easy to breed bacteria. Especially for families with children, this is indeed a big problem from the perspective of hygiene. So how should we deal with this tile gap?

Traditional tile grout

As homeowners, are you still troubled by cement tile grout getting yellow, stained, and cracked? Especially in the bathroom, toilet, and so on, such excessive water area. To main the house clean and look more beautiful, you are forced to find good tile grout cleaner, while cleaning the tile grout is labor demanding and time incentive. A tiler, do you dislike the complicated operation way of cement tile grout?  Well, Kastar can help solve all existed problems caused by cement tile grout. Please check the difference between Kastar and cement tile grout.
Kastar has two-part, A part for epoxy resin and cosmetic grade pigment, B part for hardner. The nozzle with a spiral design can help mix A and B well. After using many years,  Kastar last new and will not get mildew, cracked, and yellow.
If you meet Kastar tile joint filler or you will never worry about moldy tiles anymore