Why Kastar ceramic tile sealant?

what is Kastar ceramic tile sealant?

After years of research and development, we have developed a product that is a perfect alternative to traditional tile grout. That’s kastar ceramic tile sealant. It is composed of high-tech new polymers and advanced pigments, with waterproof and mildewproof functions, with more shiny colors to meet the needs of different styles of decoration. After anti-aging experiments, the product is proved to be durable for at least 30 years.

kastar ceramic tile sealant has luster, rich in natural and delicate colors, such as gold, silver, pearlescent, etc., while white and black chromaticity is significantly higher than white cement, color grout. And after it solidifies, the surface is smooth like porcelain, can be scrubbed together with the tile, has the characteristics of anti-penetration and waterproof. Can make the real tile gap “never change black”.

Maybe you want to know more details about the product?

Kastar is an oily ceramic tile sealant suitable for most applications!

Royalo is a water-based tile sealant suitable for complex situations!

Where to use Kastar ceramic tile sealant?

According to the smooth, waterproof and colorful characteristics of our products, our products can be applied in many places.

applicable place

Kastar ceramic tile sealant is a high-end product of crevice decoration. It can make every seam filling place more beautiful and attractive.

Ranges of application-min

Kastar compared with traditional grout!

Construction efficiency comparison

The traditional grout

The traditional out

Kastar ceramic tile sealant


1. Squeeze the grout into the tile joint directly

2. Ues shape tool to press into the groove

3. Remove the excess grout with a blade scraper

Construction cost comparison

The traditional grout

The traditional grout

Size: 22 SQM Bathroom
Work time: 6hrs 42min
1 bag grout powder: $25.00
2 tubes silicone: $12.00
Labor cost: $66.15/Day about $8.27/hr (Take Chinese labor cost as an example)
Total cost: $94.89

Cost per SQM – $4.32

Kastar ceramic tile sealant


Size: 35 SQM Bathroom
Work time: 1hr 47min
5 Epoxy Tubes: $76.45 (Suggested retail price is 15.29USD/pc)
Labor cost: $32.26/Day about $4.03/hr (Take Chinese labor cost as an example)
Total cost: $84.52

Cost per SQM – $2.42

Kastar ceramic tile sealant is powerful!

Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the domestic market, 

we decided to bring this magical product to the world! 

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The customers are getting rave reviews

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