Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant K017

  • Other Names:  Epoxy Grout

  • product type:  Oil Based

  • Classification:  Double Components Adhesive

  • Material:  Epoxy resin mixed with imported pigment+hardener

  • Shelf life:  24 Months

  • Packing:  400ml/pc

  • Specifications:  20 pcs/carton

  • sphere of application:It is suitable for large areas of tile joints. It is applicable to all kinds for indoor wall and floor tiles.


30-year anti-mildew guarantee, only Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant!

KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealant is a two-component sealant, mainly made of epoxy resin, hardener, and high-quality pigment. Adopted the most advanced technology, it has good performance on tile gap sealing and filling, makes a clean and healthy gap joint for house decoration.

KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealant is a two-component sealant

New product

Perfect substitute for traditional tile grout.

Perfect substitute for traditional tile grout.

Raw Material

High-quality raw materials ensure its stable performance.

In this regard, we did a raw material test video:The test of High-quality material: Hardener and Resin

The pigment comes from BASF Germany

The pigment comes from BASF Germany.

The epoxy resin comes from AkzolNoble, NLD

The epoxy resin comes from AkzolNoble, NLD.

The hardener comes from America

The hardener comes from America.


Good performance! For product performance, we also did a test video:Performance testing of Kastar products

  • Waterproof, mouldproof, not change color .use import of polymer resin and the curing reaction of copolymerization system, effectively prevent water infill into the gap, solve black, mildew and leaking problem of the bath crock, implement, lavabo, mesa, and basins around the kitchen utensils and appliances, sanitary ware.

  • Easy to clean and wash, resistance, bright and smooth, if infected with besmirch, just clean gently with wet cloth, it will be like a new one.

  •  High hardness, no shrinkage, is hard and dense after curing, paste can crack on three sides, can replace marble glue. No fall off, no shrinkage, glossing all the time.



No VOC,good for healthy

No VOC,good for healthy

More color

More color , Glossy Appearance





High and low-temperature resistance

High and low temperature resistance


Convenient construction and higher working efficiency

Traditional white cement grout, need to be mixed before using and need professional worker to do it, usually people easy to have some problems about the mixing ratio, we need to cost much money to have work to do it for us, and it will become dirty and yellowing once it meets with water, need to redo it several months later, cost money,and time-consuming, most important, the bacteria breeding is bad for healthy.

Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant K017 professional workers are not needed to filling and sealing the gaps, you can do it perfectly by yourself with Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealer!

Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant K017 fixed mixing ratio, no need to mix by worker, the special nozzle ensure totally mixed of the epoxy resin and hardener, easy to handle, everyone can do it, no need to cost money for finding workers, save much money,you can DIY for your house,also the effect will last for over 30 years.

Easy to operate and high efficiency

Ranges of application

It is applicable to all kinds of indoor wall tiles and floor tiles, including tile, microcrystalline stone, natural marble, artificial stone, Concrete, wood, glass, aluminum plastic board, etc.To swimming pool, steam sauna room, bathroom and other high temperature and humidity room, the tile beautification has outstanding advantage.

The room

The Room

Satisfy all needs of home edge banding

Satisfy all needs of home edge banding

About the construction

These data are the results of our actual tests.

Video1:Tiles with the smooth surface

Video2:Tiles with the rough surface

  • 1. Twist off the cover of the bottle

  • 2. Cut the mouth of the nozzle according to the grout gap.

  • 3. Fix the nozzle to the bottle

  • 4. Load the bottle into the caulking gun

  • 5. Remove all foreign and excessive adhesive from the grout gap, preferably using a vacuum cleaner

  • 6. Squeeze about 30cm in volume of the sealant from the nozzle tip and discard

  • 7. Squeeze the grout into the tile gap

  • 8. Repeat the same if required

  • 9. Use the ball shape the press into the grout gap

  • 10. Keep for approximately 16 hours

  • 11. Remove the excess grout with the blade scraper

  • 12. Use the masking tapes or wax along the tile edges for rough tiles before grouting

Technical data of  Ceramic Tile Sealer

Technical data of Ceramic Tile Sealer

Coverage datasheet

Coverage datasheet

More color

Colors available of Kastar ceramic tile sealer

Variety of colors, suitable for any kind of decoration styles from different countries.

More Color (2)

Let you enjoy the beautify royal style.

Noble gold
living room effect with bright color

Noble gold

Ivory white
bathroom effect never fall off

Ivory white

lutetium gold
kitchen effect antifouling and mould proof

lutetium gold

Packaging & Shipment

  • 400ml/pc, 540g gross weight per pcs
  • 20 pcs/carton, Carton size: 370*240*240 mm
  • Standard export carton packing with solid surface adhesive safe packing
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