There are already a lot of different color seam sealants on the market, but in the face of a dazzling array of colors, would you hesitate to choose? But it does not matter, here will give you the most professional solution for each color. Kastar Tile Sealer has 26 colors, choose a suitable color to match your floor, make your home more beautiful and warm.

more colors ceramic tile sealant

more colors ceramic tile sealant

1. Bright White

White is a low-key color that is beautiful, simple, and relaxed, allowing people to take off their hearts and enjoy life. White itself is a versatile color that can be matched with all home colors. White like porcelain, which represents purity, is very suitable for people who like fresh feelings.

2. Ivory White

Ivory white is a very smooth white color. It looks a little yellowish. It looks like a kind of white that is both comfortable and soft. It feels very warm and warm. It fills the floor and gives a soft The visual effect, with crisp and neat ingredients, makes it very comfortable to watch and is very suitable for people who like a quiet environment.

3. Pearl Gold

Pearl gold is a luxurious and low-key color. Two hundred million years ago, there were pearls on the earth. In the international gem industry, pearls are also listed as lucky stones for the birth of June. stone. Pearls with magnificent colors and elegant temperament, symbolizing health, purity, wealth, and happiness, have been loved by people since ancient times. Very suitable for people who like elegant style.

4, Ivory Gold

Ivory gold is a warm color, usually used for white tiled floors, hand washing stations, and other places. Gives a warm and elegant high-end feeling, highlighting the cleanliness of the interior. This color combination will have a very IKEA feel no matter where it is.

5. Shining Gold

Shiny gold is the addition of gold foil to conventional transparent products. Gorgeous sequins and noble gold highlight the dignity of the owner. Matching with white, black, gray, and other color tiles, it can reflect the texture and grade of the tiles and highlight the noble home style. Moreover, the bright color is also conducive to maintaining a good mood for the day. And under the sunshine, it makes the home full of playful and lovely feeling.

6, Pale Gold

Light gold is the same as shiny gold and belongs to the metallic color series. The brightness is a little darker than shiny gold. It is a relatively “introverted” one in the gold series. It is a versatile color, but low-key but without losing content. For example, when using dark yellow tiles with silver and white gold, both colors are relatively dark, and the colors are very similar, so they look very tasteful when matched.

7, Shallow Blue

If a bathroom is also made of simple pure white tiles, if you use white beauty agent at this time, it will cause a monotonous space, and the black beauty agent may feel too obvious, so blue beauty agent is used. So it gives a subtle nautical feeling. Isn’t this also very aesthetically pleasing?

8. Coffee Gold

Gold coffee is a relatively subtle color and a popular fashion color that will never go out of fashion. If you are a fan of ethnic customs, you can choose a gold-brown beauty sewing agent, the small area of embellishment will be very bright. Because the brown color itself is more dirty and resistant to dirt, it is also easy to scrub and easier to clean.

9, Lutetium Gold

Chinese glaze is the perfect combination of ancient traditional culture and modern art. Its glamour and change and magnificence are the exquisite, delicate, and subtle manifestation of the Orientals, and the fusion of thoughts, emotions, and art. The glazed gold is a fusion of this hue, it looks crystal clear, and the elves are beautiful. If the decoration style of your home is partial to the pastoral mix or similar, it is recommended to use antique tiles or marble decals, and finally, use gilt ceramic tile beautiful sewing agents.

10, Luxurious Blue

The name glazed blue comes from the glazed glass. When sunlight passes through the glazed glass, it will emit a deep and noble light. In ancient times, glazed blue represents “God”, and is the purest color among the traditional Chinese cyan colors. It is the pure and beautiful color that cleanses the soul. It is different from the calmness of navy blue, the tenderness of light blue, the unique transparent texture of glazed blue, which gives a sense of alienated beauty, comfortable and elegant. The glazed blue with the coexistence of aura and texture.

11. Sapphire Blue

The beige tiles are matched with the beautiful blue seam agent, and the color matching is novel and dazzling. The decoration of the room has the Scandinavian elegance and the quiet wind, with the atmosphere of not eating the fireworks in the world.

12. Colored Purple

The red brick and the red-purple beauty joint agent are both adjacent color systems, and it is definitely not unsightly to match; there is a color difference between the tile and the beauty joint agent, and they can form a unity; in short, there is a stunning effect in coordination.

13. Chinese Red

Red is the favorite color of the Chinese nation, and it has even become the cultural totem and spiritual conversion of the Chinese people, representing festive, lively, and peaceful. The history of the Chinese since modern times is a history of red, bearing too many memories of the Chinese people in red. Chinese red and blue-blue, glazed yellow, national locust green, Great Wall gray, ink black, and jade fat white constitute a colorful traditional color landscape. China Red means peace, joy, Pepsi success …

14. Black Jade Gold

Although the hue is green, neither lightness nor saturation is high. You should know that olive green is very popular, and the fashion industry, the art circle, and the home furnishing field are all inspired by it. Slightly grayscale, low-key, and advanced, it makes people feel warm while refreshing. The same unassuming olive green in the black and white gray floor can alleviate the monotony of the space and improve the texture. This color combination is especially suitable for the bedroom. The peaceful atmosphere is very sleepy and amazing.

15. Champagne

Generous and elegant champagne color, the matching effect with the tiles is very gorgeous, the champagne color is lighter than orange, and darker than the cream, showing a romantic and affectionate feeling. Pairing champagne and pure white and black together is much more temperamental, simple yet atmospheric. It makes the decoration a little warm, but it can be a little clear and cool.

16. Moonlight Silver

The low-key silver itself blends gorgeous sequins, showing a brighter silver effect. It is very suitable to match with any color tiles. If you are a house owner who likes shiny feeling but does not want to be too beautiful, Moonlight Silver is a very good choice.

17. Light Grey

It is rich in color, full and rich in texture. After use, it shows a dull gloss. The effect of matching with antique bricks and matt bricks will be more coordinated. It can better reflect the grade of antique tiles and is the best companion of antique tiles.

18. Coffee Brown

It is rich in color, full and rich in texture. After use, it shows a dull gloss. The effect of matching with antique bricks and matt bricks will be more coordinated. It can better reflect the grade of antique tiles and is the best companion of antique tiles.

19. Black Pearl

Thick black appears in the rustic, which will allow the owner who returns to the family from the noisy world to return to the peace of mind as soon as possible. People who like fashion and pursue taste prefer this color. Of course, pearl black beauty sewing agent and home color matching are also taboo. Therefore, when decorating, you can boldly choose aristocratic black beauty sewing agent. And black is a timeless color, and its covering power is strong. It is more coordinated with the color of the light brick and is the best partner for ceramic tiles.

20, Noble Gold

Its bright color, high-end atmosphere, has a strong metal texture, with white tiles, bathtubs, etc., set off a gorgeous and noble feeling, at the same time has a strong covering power, easy to clean, and highlight the cleanliness of the interior.

21, Colorful Gold

Gorgeous sequins and noble gold highlight the dignity of the owner. Matching with white, black, gray, and other color tiles can also reflect the texture and grade of the tiles. Choosing a bright color beautiful sewing agent is also conducive to keeping the elderly happy at home.

22. Laser Gold

Light gold reveals a sense of warmth, suitable for a simple and high-quality decoration environment.

23, Shining Silver

The water-blue mosaic and the bright white beautiful sewing agent bring a refreshing feeling to the hot summer day. White, like porcelain, represents purity and can be matched with all home colors. Suitable for people who like the fresh feeling

24. Flow Gold

Adding a little copper metal color to the gold color is extraordinarily simple and luxurious, but it also gives people a bright feeling. It is also great to match the floor in various colors.

25. Bronze Gold

a grayish-brown to yellowish-brown that is very slightly deeper than soot brown and stronger and slightly darker than mummy brown.

26. Luminous Green

Green is a common color in nature. It is a darker color or bright green than the color of fresh grass. It is also a color between yellow and green in the spectrum. Green can also represent nature, ecology, environmental protection, etc. Because green is related to spring, it symbolizes youth and prosperity. Suitable for people who love friendly relationships.


Then give everyone little tips on color matching:


Colorless color matching: black, white, gold, silver, and gray are called colorless, and they can be matched with any color.

Contrast colors: such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

The combination of cold and warm colors: The relationship between cold and warm colors is based on contrast and is produced by people’s natural life experience.

The combination of dark tiles and light-colored beautifying agents: black and white, dark and light, dark green, and light gray can be used in this way.


Generally speaking, the color matching of ceramic tile and beauty sealant is not as complicated as imagined. Everything is based on your own comfort and comfort, and the color looks very good. We have 26 colors for you to choose, I hope you can choose your own epoxy grout.