If the sealant of the ceramic tile gap in the home is dirty, then the caulking treatment should be done again. But we will find that, but after a period of time, there has been a dirty edge black situation. This reason is mostly caused by the mildew of the joint filling material caused by humidity.


Therefore, this kind of caulking material is not the most reasonable way to deal with ceramic tile cracks. According to big data statistics, 80% of the world’s regions currently use such inappropriate products. Now, however, we can change the past. Because now we have Kastar Tile Grout. Its specific operation steps are in fact consistent with the previous caulking, but it can effectively solve the following problems.


①: the overall effect of ceramic tile sewing is more beautiful

Kastar tile grout is composed of a high-tech new polymer and high-grade pigment. The appropriate Kastar Tile Grout can be selected according to the decoration style of the tiles and the whole home. With Kastar Tile Grout, the cracks in the tiles look very nice. This is far better than ordinary sealant.

The living room floor tile

②: can prevent the ceramic tile gap mold black

To the mildew inside ceramic tile aperture turns black, it is long-term damp existence and produces mildew. In addition, there are some materials in ceramic tile cracks that are loose, so as time increases, there will be moldy blackening of this position. This is especially true in our bathrooms and kitchens. So now most families choose to use Kastar Tile Grout to treat the gap between the bathroom tile and kitchen tile, which has a very good effect.

Gaps around the sink

③ Longer service life

For Kastar Tile Grout, if we operate according to the specifications, the cracks in the tiles will last more than a decade after the construction is completed.To avoid the ceramic tile gap in the situation of falling. In addition, more conducive to us to ceramic tile gap do, easily wipe can remove stains.

As for the ceramic tile caulking material, it is indeed possible to re-caulking after the ceramic tile gap is dirty. However, the manpower and material cost of re-caulking is very large. This time-consuming situation can be completely avoided in the initial stage.


Kastar Tile Grout is used in the initial stage so that tile cracks will never have to worry about. Especially for kitchen and bathroom locations, Kastar Tile Grout is more suitable.


Now we have many clients after tested the Kastar sample, they are all interested in being a distributor of Kastar, most of them are from the same field as you, for the house renovation and contracting field. Clients all feedback that Kastar has a potentially huge market. Our agents told us their sales performance increased at least double times after dealing with Kastar’s business. To help you gain high profit and occupy the market early.

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