The caulking material in the crevices of the tiles laid in the home is a bit dirty. How to refill them?


①Treatment of original filling materials

First of all, if we want to re-fill the gaps between tiles, we must clean up the original grout. This is also the most critical step in the treatment of tile gaps. Therefore, in the first step before caulking, we need to use a seam cleaning tool to clean the internal caulking materials.

We can use the awl that cleans the gap to slide back and forth in the gap of the tile, so as to loosen the caulking material from the gap.

Treatment of original caulking material

②Clean up the gap

After we loosen all the caulking materials in the tile gaps, we need to clean the grout from the tile gaps at this time. We generally recommend using a vacuum cleaner, aiming the vacuum cleaner at the gap between the tiles to clean up the dust in the gap.


③ Wipe the seam

The purpose of wiping is to wipe clean the other residues and damp parts around the crevice to facilitate the construction work. At this time, we generally use a dry cloth to wipe along the gap. At this time, wipe the dust on the surface of the tile, and at the same time, wipe the dust in the gap as much as possible. In this way, the gaps between our tiles are cleaned up.

Wipe the seam


When caulking, it is exactly the same as the original caulking. We use caulking tools to re-fill the gaps in the tiles with caulking materials and complete the entire re-caulking work.

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