Are you looking new Construction Adhesives Business ?

With the continuous expansion of urban construction land, more and more high-rise buildings have sprung up. On the one hand, this confirms the rapid economic and social development, on the other hand, it also shows that the demand for building materials is increasing. In fact, in construction materials, not only the quality of the three major materials in general construction projects such as cement, steel and sand, etc., requires strict control, the choice of adhesives for construction is also a very important matter.

Are you looking for a new business in construction adhesives recently, or just want to know more about construction adhesives?

In fact, As a leading manufacturer of construction adhesives, Kater has been producing Epoxy Tile grout sealant, fire-stop sealant, MS Sealant, Liquid Nail, Acetic silicone sealant, Neutral silicone sealant and Acrylic caulk.

Especially Kastar MS Sealants has been a trend of construction adhesives industrial, because it has high product performance and advantages, such as:
1. Very Low VOC content
2. Strong Adhesion, suitable for bonding various materials, Aluminum, Granite, Ceramics, Marble, Porcelain, Metals, PVC,Glass, Wood, Concrete, Brick, Limestone and so on.
3. Available to work even in wet and humid conditions
4. Very good UV resistance
5. Over-paintable with water based paints
6. No bubble in sealant
7. MS Sealant has more competitive price than PU Sealant

And Kater is a group company which is engaged in the development, production, and sales of sealant and adhesive, and we have been in export for 19 years. More importantly, All products can supply OEM&ODM production with buyer’s brands.

If you are looking for a new business in construction adhesives, or want to know more about construction adhesives, Kastar will have two live broadcasts at April 16th, 10am-11am & 4pm-5pm, 2021 [UTC+8] Beijing Time, for you in detail. We are waiting for you in the live broadcast room!