Floor tiles joint are still needed to be filled, the function of new epoxy grout:
1. It can protect building materials, absorb the expansion and contraction deformation between the substrate and masonry, and extend the service life of the ceramic tiles.
2, Good for health: prevent water molecules from seeping into the ceramic tiles joints, to avoid becoming mold and bacteria breeding in the ceramic tiles joints.
3, To prevent the occurrence of cracks, significantly improve the impermeability.
4, Can make the house decoration more beautiful, there are a variety of colors, can be selected according to your needs, the sealant is delicate, the color is even and firm, enhance the decorative effect.

Do ceramic tiles joints need to be filled

Kastar ceramic tile sealant is made of eco-friendly epoxy resin and advanced pigments. It has good stretchability, smooth and colorful, 30 years of mildew and moisture resistance. Compared with traditional tile grout, the performance is more excellent and long-lasting. This alternative of traditional tile grout will also be a major trend in the future.

new type epoxy grout - kastar ceramic tile sealant
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