Everyone’s opinions are different, and there are those who are in favor and those who are against it. I believe that all opinions have certain truths. But after reading this article, I don’t know if you will agree to use epoxy tile grout.

Why do some people do not want to use a new tile sealant?


  1. The price is too high


Many people think that the price of epoxy tile grout is very high, and there is no need to make epoxy tile grout in order to prevent the gap from blackening. In fact, the price of the tile sealer is low in many decoration works. If you do it yourself, you can save some construction costs.


  1. The effect is not good, easy to become yellowing and blacking


Consumers also feel that even if they make the tile sealer, the effect is still not good, it is easy to become yellowing, and it will fall off over time. This situation may be due to the use the bad quality tile grout, or problems in the construction process.


  1. Heavy odor, harmful to health


A lot of pungent odor will be generated during the decoration. The owner is worried that after it, the ground will produce a variety of harmful gases, which will pollute the surrounding environment if it cannot be dispersed for a long time.


But why do so many people want to use epoxy tile grout?


  1. Beautify tiles


After the tiles are beautifully stitched, the style of the tiles can be highlighted, and the rich color of the beautiful stitching agent will beautify the tiles more, suitable for various decoration styles.

  1. Prevent blacking and moldy from appearing in the gap


The traditional powder cement is easy to blacken after months and will wear out after cleaning. But epoxy tile grout is waterproof and anti-mildew, which can prevent the gap from seeping and moistening, and then the occurrence of black mold.

  1. Use of protective tiles

The epoxy tile grout has strong adhesion, which can prevent the ceramic tile from falling off and arching.


  1. Environmental protection and health


The materials used are non-toxic and harmless. Kater Adhesive Factory has 22th years, producing adhesives and sealants.is environmentally friendly and healthy, it will not produce any toxic and harmful gases.


  1. Easy to clean


The surface of epoxy tile grout is very smooth, and it does not stick to dust or stains. It can be cleaned together with the tiles without the need for additional cleaning agents.


Now everyone’s quality of life is improving, and use epoxy tile grout is also a way to improve, which can ensure that the home is clean and hygienic. In this way, we must do beautiful sewing at home, this is the first step to a healthy life.