So can Kastar epoxy grout really replace silicone sealant

Strong anti-staining and environmental protection
Kastar epoxy grout is a new epoxy material based on the new inventions. It is made of high molecular epoxy resin and high-grade pigments. It is stable in nature and does not react with water and acid. It has the advantages of waterproof, mildewproof, antifouling and easy cleaning. Since the main material used is epoxy resin, the environmental performance is also excellent.

Video1: The test of Non-toxic, safe and waterproof

Video2: The test of stain-proof


Excellent mold resistance
Many people know that Kastar epoxy grout is used for tile filling, but it is not known that it is more powerful than the glass edge sealing function. For example, a bathroom is a place that is easy to accumulate in dirt and moisture, so it is easy to breed bacteria. After a short time, the silicone sealant will be black and mildew, which will affect the appearance. The use of Kastar epoxy grout can prevent mildew and moisture for a long time. And the peace of mind is that Kastar epoxy grout can promise you 30 years of protection.

Video1: The test of Anti-mildew

Video2: The test of Acid-resistance

Video3: The test of Alkali-resistance


Rich in color, universal match
Kastar epoxy grout is available in 26 different colors, rich in color and beautiful. Whether your decoration style is European, Japanese or antique. Kastar’s colors are perfectly matched to the base, allowing you to take your renovation to the next level. The silicone sealant has a simple white and transparent color, which makes people very boring.

Video: The test of insoluble & No discoloration


Strong adhesion, anti-shedding
The Kastar epoxy grout is very strong and can be firmly adsorbed on the circumference of the base. How to show the strong adsorption of Kastar? You can watch our video: The test of No-Flow on the wall. Silicone sealant is easy to oxidize after a short time of use, and if the weather is dry, it will fall off.

Video: The test of No-Flow on the wall


Long-term protection, price value
Although the price of Kastar epoxy grout is higher than silicone sealant. But Kastar offers up to 30 years of Guarantee. Equivalent to 360 months, 10950 days of protection. Which one do you think it is more expensive, silicone sealant or Kastar ceramic tile sealant?


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