Grouting is simple, even aged and children can do it together

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Ms. Peng’s home needs to do gap filling for about 100 square meters of floor tiles. She has no experience in the past and is the first to do the tile gap filling by herself. Under the guidance of the dealer, she easily completed the joint filling work of her house.the new type Kastar tile grout

he tiles selected by Ms. Peng’s family are all matt ceramic tiles. Some of the wood grain of tiles have an uneven surface and the edges are curved! But with the new type Kastar tile grout, it’s easy for a novice to complete the tile filling work.
This is Ms. Peng’s daughter is helping to remove the extra tile grout with a scraper.

This is Ms. Peng’s daughter is helping to remove the extra tile grout with a scraper.
Ms. Peng is the first time to use Kastar ceramic tile sealant without any experience. She told us: We follow the tutorial, the whole family and the old together, although there is no tile grout experience, we still successfully completed the grout work. I suggest that in some complicated tiles, it is much easier to use the combination of Masking tape and Scraper to complete the system filling work.
Ms. Peng is a client of our activities in China and she has a very good impression of our Kastar ceramic tile sealant.

We are planning to promote this new Kastar ceramic tile sealant to the world.
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