In the face of such intense competition, what projects are chosen to be reliable?Here we recommend a good project to recommend to everyone, that is Kastar ceramic tile sealant. Nowadays, did you find that the living room and kitchen and bathroom rooms in the home usually have the problem such as the gap between the tiles is changed from white to black and extremely unhygienic? With the development of the decoration industry, we have developed a new product, which we call it Kastar ceramic tile sealant. In China, it has gradually replaced the original monotonous tile grout, occupying a vast market for decoration and caulking.

After using kastar ceramic tile sealant

After using kastar ceramic tile sealant

Kastar ceramic tile sealant has many advantages: mildew proof, moisture-proof, healthy and environmentally friendly, colorful, tough, durable and long life. For example, in the kitchen and bathroom wall, the traditional tile grout will turn yellow and black for a period of time, which will easily breed bacteria and produce odor, which will endanger human health. This is a drawback that can not be solved by cheap tile grout. Now there is a brand new replacement product (Kastar ceramic tile sealant ), which can perfectly solve the problem of blackening, which is a series of problems that endanger the health of the body.

In terms of raw materials, We use epoxy resin from the USA to ensure the stability of our products.

In terms of color, our requirements are also very picky. The pigment of Kastar is from Germany. After we tested a lot of pigments, the German company’s products are the most satisfying. Of course, this also ensures that the color of Kastar ceramic tile sealant is more beautiful.

In terms of the market, we have studied many countries and regions, and Kastar beauty grout has outstanding advantages compared with other grout. At the same time, based on numerous customer product tests and real market feedback, our partners have given us a very good evaluation.

Kastar’s parent company, the Kingkir Group, is very strong. We have a 60,000-plane factory and a 5000-square-foot raw material warehouse with an annual output of over 20,000 tons. The company has been rated as a national high-tech enterprise with complete production system certification and environmental protection certification. It is a benchmarking enterprise in the industry.

At the same time, we have a very strong marketing team, and in the latter part of the cooperation process, our team will provide sufficient support for the agents. Such as construction of websites, production of promotional materials, sales guidance and many other services.

If you are interested in the Kastar ceramic tile sealant project, then you can send us an email to confirm if you have our agent in the local area, because we only recognize one agent in one country (city).