Nowadays, With the high-speed development of the economy, more and more people pay attention to the health of our bodies. The people think cooking fresh stuff at home is the key to being healthy.

Pay attention, the danger is everywhere. When you live in your new house, your house may be clean. But after a long time, it is easy to grow mold in the gaps between ceramic tiles. Especially in the kitchen, kitchen fume pollution will penetrate the gaps, and then it will cause the growth of mold. So when you are cooking, the mildew may get into the dishes. It really does a lot of damage to our bodies.

In order to let everyone know more about the mold damage in the kitchen, Kastar tile sealant combined with the authoritative testing organization, did a “kitchen and mildew big assault” action, Kastar staff and test personnel came to a housing estate in Guangzhou have sampled and tested the “small black spots” in the kitchen.

kitchen and mildew big assault tested the “small black spots” in the kitchen

The results of the test report showed that the pathogenic bacteria and mold were caused by golden bacilli (70% of the total bacteria), Penicillium (50% of the total mold), Aspergillus (40% of the total mold), and The total number of colonies exceeded 400,000 per square centimeter. What is the concept of 400,000 per square centimeter? To know the total number of indoor air colonies in our daily life, the standard is no more than 2,500 per cubic meter, and the moldy kitchen and bathroom is clearly far exceeding the standard, 160 times the total number of daily air colonies!

Among them, 70% of the golden bacilli are conditional pathogens. If people whose immunity is low, such as urban sub-health people, the elderly and children, living in such a mold environment is likely to cause infection, and may also cause serious cases. Infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis.

As the saying goes, “sickness from the mouth” If you put them in your mouth carelessly, then these bacteria are enough for you to get sick.

So how to solve this problem? The easiest and quickest method is to choose the sealant with an anti-mold effect to clean the kitchen and corners. After that, just pay attention to the cleanliness and neatness of these places in daily life, the mold will not grow easily, and the kitchen and bathroom environment will be more sanitary and healthy.

Kaster ceramic sealant promises 30 years of mildew resistance and has many certifications.

About the anti-mildew test: “The test of Anti-mildew

Choose Kastar, give a more healthy and comfortable environment for your family!