More and more people are choosing Kastar tile Grout because it is both beautiful and stain-resistant. People in the decoration industry know that, when sticking ceramic tile, mason master will leave a small seam, and fill grout in the gap. Because summer is subjected to heat or winter is subjected to cold, can appear heat bilges cold shrink, if did not use filling seam agent to cause ceramic tile to appear likely in later period use process drum or craze phenomenon.

Kastar tile Grout is the best solution for these gaps. It can fill in tile gaps and make the overall wall or floor look smoother and more beautiful.

Kastar Tile Grout offers 30-year mildew proof promise that traditional Grout would never offer.

After using tile grout, so beautiful

Kastar tile Grout has the following three advantages:

First, protect the ceramic tile.

Although ceramic tile has very good waterproof, the aperture can ooze water to go in, affect ceramic tile life, and beautiful indirectly. While Kastar tile Grout has good water-proof, moist-proof and penetration-proof properties, which is applicable to all tiles, floors, and cracks in the market.


Second, enhance the aesthetic.

Kastar tile Grout is rich in color, with over 20 colors enough to match all kinds of tiles. Kastar tile Grout surface is as smooth as porcelain, with matte, gloss, metal and other textures, which add luster to tiles and enhance the aesthetic feeling of space. It is the best solution for all kinds of home decoration and fixtures to upgrade the decoration level.


Third, easy to clean, resistant to bacteria.

Traditional ceramic tile filling seam agent, easy to appear black hair green and other conditions in the use of a period of time. It because the traditional sealant is not easy to clean, there will be bacteria adhering to the surface. The appearance of this phenomenon will seriously affect the appearance.

After Kastar tile Grout solidifies, the surface will be smooth, free from oil stains, and it will save time and effort. Bacteria naturally can’t reproduce. Indirectly reduce the children’s bacterial infection risk, is the best decoration choice for the nursery.

For more on Kastar Tile Grout performance test videos, please visit The Product Presentation Application Video.


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