Tiles and tile grouts are very rich in color, red, yellow, green, blue, and purple. Of course, there are also colors derived from the basic color, such as ivory white, sapphire green, etc., But look at the color separately, there is no beauty and ugliness. How to make the tile grout get a super good looking? It requires a matching color of the tiles and the tile grouts.

How can I match the color of the tile to make it look better and more harmonious?
Some people may mix and match at will, then the tile may become ugly and discordant. For owners who prefer safe color, the color of tile grout can be white, gray, or black. These versatile colors are harmonious with any color and any pattern of tiles.

If you like the eye-catching tile grouts and the style of the home decoration is bold, you can choose the contrast color (black and white, red and green and yellow and purple, etc.). For example, the tile is black, and the tile grout can be made of silver, so that the silver will reduce the black suppression, thereby improving the quality of the home, more fashionable and taste. But the average family is advised to not use contrasting colors.

If you prefer a simple style, then the tiles and the tile grout can be matched with the same or similar color. Dark tiles with dark tile grout, light-colored tiles with light-colored tile grout, so that the color is more harmonious, simple effect, in line with the trend of modern home decoration. The matching of similar colors, ceramic tiles, and ceramic tile grout will have a primary and secondary color. The similar color of the tile grout is to play the role of embellishing and foiling.

Color can be divided into warm colors and cool colors, it can reasonably match with warm and cold colors according to the season or your own living habits. Winter warm colors will give people a warm feeling, in summer cool color can give people a cool feeling. So using color properly can make People feel warmer in the cold condition and feel cooler in hot conditions.

Here, you may find it the most important thing is to learn color matching. Finally, I recommend several tiles grout: pearl white, shining with charming pearl color; noble black, bright and textured, reflect the quality of life; sapphire blue, like a gem-like bright, bright color.

While you may not find so many colors you can choose in traditional tile grout, there is a product can meet your needs.

More colors, more choices. KASTAR Ceramic Tile Sealant gives you more choices. It can offer 26 colors available, more options. What’s more, the pigments of KASTAR tile sealer is imported cosmetic grade pigment, no color-fading.

more colors ceramic tile sealant

more colors ceramic tile sealant

Kastar ceramic tile sealant – 26 colors
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