With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of home health and decoration pollution, the environmental protection of home improvement building materials has received more and more attention. The new generation of environmentally friendly grouting product, Kastar ceramic tile sealant, is becoming more and more popular. So, what are the advantages of Kastar ceramic tile sealant?

1. Beautiful

The decoration effect is great after using the Kastar ceramic tile sealant. Kastar ceramic tile sealant is made up of epoxy resin + high-grade pigments and special additives. It is rich in color, natural and delicate, and has a luster. It is matched with tiles of different colors to bring a better overall decorative effect to the home decoration. It is not like the ordinary tile grout, which is easy to be dirty and black. It is a combination of beauty and high-quality, which is more suitable for the pursuit of personalized home decoration concept, showing a distinctive taste.

After using tile grout, so beautiful

After using tile grout, so beautiful

2. Practical
The interior of the house is large, and the ventilation of individual locations is poor. For example, the cloakroom, storage room, and other areas are prone to moisture and mildew. Using traditional tile grout, the tiles will be empty, curled, and cracked. The use of Kastar ceramic tile sealant decoration can completely eliminate this phenomenon.
The Kastar ceramic tile sealant forms a bright, porcelain-like protective layer on the surface of the tile gap. This protective layer makes it waterproof, moisture-proof and easy to clean.
Kastar ceramic tile sealant completely solves the dirty black tile seam and enhances the decorative effect of the tile. It is a product that comprehensively improves the decoration grade.。
One of our dealers once said“I don’t know that this product will be so popular with hotels and high-end groups. But soon, my products were sold out, and my dealers even asked me to book 50 boxes in advance. Your product is really great! !”。

3. Environmental-friendly
The materials of the Kastar ceramic tile sealant are derived from polymer compounds obtained by polymerizing natural resin materials, as well as high-grade pigments and special additives. The Kastar ceramic tile sealant is environmentally friendly and contains no harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, and xylene. It is fully environmentally friendly and can present a healthy, comfortable and warm family environment.

tile grout is Environmental-friendly

Better quality and more environmentally friendly home improvement is the focus of the people now. If you are interested in the product, we can give you some samples. Let you feel the greatness of our product.
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