Why choose Kastar ceramic tile sealant in home improvement?

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With the significant improvement in people’s living standards, many people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life at home, which means that the requirements for the family environment have become more critical!

Moreover, in the decoration industry, when selecting the tiles of different colors,  selecting the appropriate grout becomes the key to the construction for users. The suitable grout can effectively ensure that the tile lines are smooth and the colors are dazzling.

So what are the advantages of Kastar ceramic tile sealant for now?

Now, Kastar ceramic tile sealant has two kinds, oily and water-based. The oil one is Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant K017 and the water-based one is Royalo Water Based Ceramic Tile Sealant.

Kastar and Royalo

Kastar and Royalo

These two products are mainly used for filling&sealing the joints of ceramic tiles, mosaics, stone materials, wood boards, glass, and aluminum-plastic composite panels. It can effectively ensure the perfection of tiles and other brick floors. Kastar ceramic tile sealant can prevent bacteria from breeding inside the gaps, also can resist acidity and alkalinity. Most important is that Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant promises durability for more than 30 years in the mold and moisture resistance performance test.

However, as far as we know, many regions (countries) still use traditional tile grout. This traditional tile grout is a cost-effective and effective way to use it in a short period of time, but the drawback of traditional tile grout is that after 3 years, the tile grout will appear black or moldy (or a little longer). Depending on the quality of tile grout), the crack will occur when the time is longer.

Kastar ceramic tile sealant VS Traditional tile grout

Kastar ceramic tile sealant VS Traditional tile grout

Therefore, in the later stage of maintenance, the original sealant needs to be improved. Scratch it first, then use a better quality sealant for replacement. As a result, the owner has to bear more cost, both in labor costs and in later maintenance.

But Kastar ceramic tile sealant use imported epoxy resin as raw material and high-grade pigment, which has a long-lasting antibacterial effect, enabling more families to enjoy a clean and comfortable life quality new experience.