This question was raised by a customer in Indonesia, Sam. Before he cooperated with us, he put forward such a view to us: “We used silicone sealant before. The shelf life is written for one year. But sometimes it becomes dry even several months later, which is a big problem for us.”

Here is the answer to Sam’s concerns and the bad experiences that have occurred with the silicone sealant before, because we can not bring this new product to you earlier.

Firstly, to ensure the quality, we used epoxy resin imported from the USA, and we also have 18 processes to check the quality of each raw material before mass production.

Secondly, we spent 2 years on developing our unique formulation,2 years testing in our domestic market, we guarantee that one pc quality problem will get 2 for compensation.

Finally, is the production process. The production process of the product is the guarantee of the product qualification rate. Our factory was established in 1999 and now covers an area of about 50,000 square meters. Most of the production lines of the factory have been automated. We asked the engineers to inspect the machinery every day, and let the quality inspection department conduct sampling tests on each manufactured product to ensure the quality of each manufactured product.