How to choose a qualified TILE GROUT?
There are some skills from the color, smell, curing effect, and adhesion.



The color of KASTAR GROUT is very uniform and delicate, without excessive glossy or dark stain, which looks pleasing to your eyes. However, inferior Grout is impure which even can be clearly seen, the color is not delicate, the gloss is not up to the standard, and the color is easy to fade.

2. Odor:
Good quality KASTAR GROUT is odorless, the disadvantages of inferior Grout has a terrible smell.
Test video: The test of maldehyde content

The test of maldehyde content


3. Adhesion:
The outstanding ability of KASTAR GROUT is firmly fixed in gaps of the tiles, and the tightness is very good, so waterproof and mold-proof. But the Inferior Grout generally has poor adhesion and has a short service life. Easily peel off in 2-3 months, and even fall off in one year.
Video: The test of No-Flow on the wall

The test of No-Flow on the wall


4. Curing effect:
The inferior Grout is easy to collapse, shrink after dry, and feel soft and not full when touch, but KASTAR GROUT is full and hard, the surface is smooth without leaving stains.

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