While the quality of our lives is getting better and better, the quality of our living en-vironment is constantly improving. Many home furnishings will first use ceramic tiles as the main material for decoration. No matter how high-level ceramic tiles are select-ed, their gaps must be beautifully filled&sealed. Due to their lack of professionalism, the problem of darkening of tile grout in the later stage may easily occur.

After consulting the decoration master, We realized that the reason for the blackness of the tile grout is that some elements were ignored during the construction operation, and the following 4 mistakes were avoided during the application of new Kastar ceramic tile sealant, which can make the beautiful tile joint effect beautiful without blackening.


Mistakes 1: Doing the grouting of tile joints immediately after paving tiles

Doing the grouting of tile joints immediately after paving tilesDoing the grouting of tile joints immediately after paving tiles

Ventilate the tile for a few days after it has been applied to allow it to dry completely. Otherwise, the surface of the tile is dry, but the material inside the tile is not yet dry. At this time, if we go to fill the joints for the tiles directly, the tiles and mud cannot be fused, and the water is absorbed during the seams. Which greatly reduces the adhesion of grout, and the phenomenon of hollowness in the later stage of the tiles will occur. The finished Kastar Ceramic tile sealant will also change with the deformation of the tile, and it will not achieve the effect of decoration.

Therefore, it is necessary to wait at least two days after the completion of the tile lay-ing, and then make the beautiful seam after the tiles are completely dry.


Mistakes 2: The application of environment is messy

The application of environment is messy

No matter how we pay attention, the environment will definitely be dirty during the decoration, as long as we clean the place when we do tile joint filling. The reason for this is to prevent sundries such as dust from getting on the grout Otherwise, the ceramic tile sealant will affect the overall effect of the tile after it is completely dry, and it will not be able to beautify.

After cleaning the environment, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the ground again, so that all the dust on the ground is cleaned up, and the environment is in a clean and tidy state. The best seam effect can be achieved under this environment.


Mistakes 3: The tiles are not dry enough

The tiles are not dry enough

Make sure that the tile is dry before filling the joints. If the tile is wet during filling joints, the water will soak into the ceramic tile sealant, affect the solidification state of the ceramic tile sealant, and the color will be affected. It will be different with original color.

It takes about 2 days to cure the ceramic tile sealant, so the construction site should be clean and tidy when doing the gap filling&sealing. Do not move the tiles or drop water on the tile surface, otherwise it will affect the curing state of the beauty sealer.


Mistakes 4: Keep away from inferior ceramic tile sealant


Because the tile joints or gaps only takes up a small part of the space, it will appear to some people that the ceramic tile sealant is not particularly important, so choose a cheap material with poor quality. This kind of ceramic tile sealant has good color and is easy to become dark in the later stage. Rework will increase the cost and cost, and the beautifying agent will still feel rough after curing. So “one penny and one penny” is the eternal truth.


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