Sealant Grout forms an important part of your bathroom flooring. You often find this grout cracked or missing in some places, leading to rough edges and water stagnancy. Grout is also porous and tends to absorb water into its pores, leading to mold formation. To prevent these issues, you resort to regrouting, which is nothing but putting a layer of new grout on the existing one. This process does not give permanent results. The better option is to use a good quality epoxy grout sealant to seal your grout lines. With so many options available on the market, looking for the best one can be quite confusing. Here we shall discuss the best epoxy grout sealant for your bathrooms.

Why do you need a Good Quality Epoxy Grout Sealant?

Grout not only joins the tile but also enhances the overall look of the surface. It is a dense liquid that is concocted from cement and sand that is filled in the void between two tiles. But grout is highly porous. The porosity makes the grout absorb all kinds of liquids inside its surface. Mold and mildew love breeding in damp areas and therefore, they find favorable circumstances under the grout.

Mold also quickly spreads on the tile surface, ruining the entire flooring with its blackish green hue. Stained, discolored, and moldy grout is a common issue faced by most homeowners. To prevent these issues, you need to seal your grout with an epoxy grout sealant, which makes the surface waterproof.

Not all grout sealant available in the market give efficient results. Some wear off within months, leading to staining and mold formation again. KASTAR manufactures an excellent colored grout sealant –Kastar tile grout. Let us find out more about this incredible product.

Kaster tile grout—30-year anti-mildew guarantee


1. Ceramic Tile Sealant is waterproof, anti-fouling, never become dirty and black.

2. Ceramic Tile Sealant is made up of new high technology polymer materials+upscale pigment and special additives.

3. The surface of Ceramic Tile Sealant is as smooth as ceramics after solidified.

4. Color-rich, Natural and exquisite, With shiny, Never fade, To the wall and ground to bring a better overall effect.


1. Twist off the cover of the bottle.
2. According to the grout gap, clothe mouth of the nozzle.
3. Fix the nozzle to the bottle.
4. Load the bottle into the caulking
5. Remove all foreign and excessive adhesive from the grout gap, preferably using a vacuum cleaner.
6.Squeeze about 30cm in the volume of the sealant from the nozzle tip and discard
7. Squeeze the grout into the tile gap.
8. Repeat the same if required.
9. Use the ball shape to press into the grout gap.
10. Keep for approximately l6 hours.
11. Remove the excess grout with the blade scraper.
12. Use the masking tapes or wax along the tile edges for rough tiles before grouting.

Follow the instructions above and seal your grout with the best grout sealant to get a stain-free and mold-free shower for long. Kastar tile grout gives you a healthy shower instantly.