kastar ceramic tile sealant

If some customers think that the color of exist grouting made at home is not good, can we change the color? If the grouting effect is not good, can we do it again? If there is a problem with the grouting, how can we solve it? Facing the grouting, I believe that many owners have various problems. In fact, grouting can be redone, but it will be more troublesome.

No matter what kind of problems your family has, whether the color is not good, or the tile joint is not cured, or the tile grout is used for too long, and you want to make a new one, these can be reconstructed. The first step of re-construction is to shovel out the original grout and then do it again according to the steps of Kastar ceramic tile sealant. The specific method is as follows:

Use a spatula or a cleaning cone to scrape out the tile grout a little

Kastar grouting

1. The uncured tile grout is relatively viscous. Use a spatula or a cleaning cone to scrape out the tile grout a little, there will be a lot of tile grout on both sides of the gap, which should also be cleaned off slowly. If the beautifying agent has solidified, you need to use an industrial hot air gun to blow the tile grout soft and then clean it up.

kastar tile grout

2. The sealant that needs to be scraped out cannot be removed with water or other cleaning agents. Be careful not to hurt the tile surface when using a spatula. Because the gap needs to be kept clean and dry, the hardest step to redo a beautiful seam is to clear the gap, even more, troublesome than the first time.

3. If the ceramic tile sealant is not dry in some areas, you can scoop out this section of the ceramic tile sealant and test the gap for dryness to find the reason why the is not dry. When applying glue and seam at the back, try to cover the beauty agent next to it, so that the newly made beauty seam can’t be separated from the original.

4. If you just don’t like the color of the ceramic tile sealant, and you find it difficult to redo the joint grouting, you can choose to apply a new layer of sealant to cover the original color. Just this approach requires certain requirements:

(1) The tile joint must be completely cured, and the surface must be free of dust and impurities, and there must be no cracking;

(2) Both sides of the gap can be kept clean and dry, and the original beauty agent is not moldy and wet;

(3) Use a darker ceramic tile sealant to cover. If you use a lighter color, the effect may not look so good.

Tile joint filling&sealing is not one-time or permanent. If you feel that the effect of gap-filling at home is not satisfactory, please change it as soon as possible to save a lot of trouble. However, we suggested that in order to avoid unnecessary rework of the grouting, a small area test should be performed first to see the effect before making a decision.

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