At home decoration, a caulking gun is a tool that must be used when filling the joint. Otherwise, the caulking will not get better results, so we must use the caulking gun correctly.

Caulking glue gun use method:

  1. When using a caulking gun, the handle must be smashed outward. After hearing a very slight sound, you can pull out the putter at the back of the caulking gun;
  2. Then put the tile grout to be used in the plastic bucket, because the Kastar ceramic tile sealant is a two-component adhesive, so we are equipped with a double-cylinder caulking gun.
  3. After installing the tile grout, you can push the end of the caulking gun pusher hard, you must force the end of the caulking gun.
  4. Press the rubber gun wrench, you can complete the grouting work.