Misunderstanding 1: Immediately do the grouting once the ceramic tile has been installed.

In order to save decoration time, many people fill the joints immediately after the tiles are installed. This method is not correct, because the tiles are just installed, the gap between the gaps is damp, and the tiles themselves are not stable, which will easily cause the grout to fall off or not dry. It should be about one to two weeks after the tile is installed, and wait until the tile is completely dry before grouting.

Misunderstanding 2: The tile gap has not been cleaned before grouting

There will be a lot of dust and dirt in the gap of the tile. If the gap of the tile is not cleaned in advance, it will affect the effect of the ceramic tile grout. If the gap contains dirt, it will cause the ceramic tile grout to bulge and not dry. The gap should be cleaned first with a clearing cone and a brush to ensure that the gap is deep enough.

Misunderstanding 3: Pressing the tile grout immediately after squeezing out the tile grout

The Kastar ceramic tile grout is pressed immediately after it breaks into the gap, causing the Ceramic tile grout not to fully enter the gap. There will be a situation where the sinking and the surface of the tile overflow. For correct operation, the grout should be pressed 5 minutes after the grout is applied to ensure that the ceramic tile grout fills the gap. However, don’t leave too long. If the time is too long, some of the Ceramic tile grout will be cured and the effect will be worse.

Misunderstanding 4: Clean the ground immediately after grouting

Always keep the ceramic tile grout dry during the operation. Do not wash the floor with clean water after the operation. If the floor is directly cleaned after grouting, water stains will enter the gap. The ceramic tile grout will come into contact with water before curing, and it will be blistering, whitish and falling off. It should be cleaned with water after the Ceramic tile grout has solidified, usually around 1-3 days.



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