In the modern house decoration, tile joint filling&sealing refers to the subsequent processing after the wall and the floor tile fixed, so that the joint becomes less monotonous and made it more beautiful. In China, tile joint filling&sealing are very popular, but do you know how many kinds of such sealant available there?

Different types of sealant for filling&sealing tile joints in China.

1)  Single-component tile grout is common to sew materials. These materials appear earlier on the market and are used more frequently. The one-component tile grout is made of cement and other additives. It is easy to use and very economical. However, the single component defect is also obvious, that is, the storage time is short and the sustained effect is poor.

Single-component tile sealant-min


2)  Two-component epoxy grout is an upgraded product of tile grout. It has two different kinds, one is oil-based and another is water-based. The oily two-component epoxy grout is widely used in the market. This type of fine agent has a high process requirement and requires the selection of a professional to carry out the construction. It has a long service life and can be used in places with complicated environments such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Two-component epoxy grout-min


3)  Two-component epoxy ceramic tile sealant-Kastar ceramic tile sealant: It is also a kind of two-component. It adopts high-standard epoxy resin to blend high-grade pigments in proportion and can adjust different colors according to requirements, and better match ceramic tiles. It is more environmentally friendly and safer than the general two-component beauty seam glue, and it is also the most mainstream trend on the market.


Kastar ceramic tile sealant produced by our factory is oily based adhesive, suitable for large area ceramic tile floor&wall joints;

Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealant K017


And Royalo is water-based ceramic tile sealant, which has better performance in complex places (irregular tiles, mosaic tiles, etc.).

Royalo Water Based Ceramic Tile Sealant