With the arrival of summer, a lot of people begin to decorate, because summer weather is hot and dry. can encounter rain again much moisture. However, some areas have encountered too much rain, which brings a lot of trouble for the decoration. So what do you need to pay attention to?

1. Prevent sun exposure
Kastar ceramic tile sealant should be stocked between 10 degrees -30 degrees, if long-time sun exposure will make the Kastar ceramic tile sealant blasting tube, so can not be put in the car for a long time by direct sunlight! Don’t put it on the balcony or in the sun!

2. Keep the room dry
The construction master needs to pay attention to the indoor dryness during the continuous rainy season. Reduce the moisture content of the air, and then do tile joints filling&sealing, can use electric heating equipment, the problem can be properly solved.

3. Make sure the Windows are sealed
Please pay attention to close the window, if the indoor drying degree is not assured, please use dry cotton ball to clean the gap once again, otherwise will appear after curing the white phenomenon.

4. Avoid dampness of tile sealant during construction
If not pay attention to moistureproof, will result in tile filling sealant or tile grout moisture, be sure to keep the tile sealant or tile grout clean, you can use a hairdryer to dry the gap, and then for the second tile joint filling.


The new techniques support of Kastar ceramic tile sealant, let you decorate better with half the effort.