Nowadays the requirements of home decoration are higher and higher, together with peoples living standard rising. People didn’t put much attention to ceramic gaps, but it turned out that the ceramic gap became more and more black, and very hard to be cleaned after a long time, the most serious thing is that it will cause bacterial harmful to us.

This problem wasn’t solved until the emergence of gap decoration adhesive. But facing various adhesive for ceramic joints, it is hard to choose the right gap decoration adhesive.

Below please follow me to choose the most suitable adhesive for you!


First: It will shining and coloring your perfect home, let you enjoy the beauty of your home if you use the gap decoration adhesive properly.

So just need to match the color with the style of your home decoration,

no matter using dark color gap adhesive or light color gap adhesive.

Or it will affect your home in the opposite direction if the color didn’t match your home style.

Below please kindly check the principle of color matching for gap adhesives.


  • Similar color matching

Such as Yellow with green, red with purple, red with orange, orange with yellow, etc


  • Same kind of color matching

Such as Light yellow with dark yellow, black with gray, etc


  • Universal colors with warm colors

Such as black, white, golden, silver, gray, they are universal colors,

Can be matched with any other colors.

  • Contrasting colors

Such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white, etc.